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Horoscope Weekly: Mercury Retrograde In Cancer

Horoscope WeeklyHoroscope weekly for this week:  It is that time of the year again where Mercury is retrograde for 21-24 days. We get this 3 times a year. So let’s just get past this.

Currently in the horoscope weekly Mercury is in the sign of Cancer. In this zodiacal sign it is a time one will re-think their emotional tendencies toward family members.  The possibility of understanding an emotional bond between family members is deeply reflected.  Communicating feelings on a deeper level is heightened.  However if that is not possible, analyzing those feelings and coming to grips with them is accentuated.

Interestingly, Alcoholics Anonymous was found on a Mercury Retrograde in Cancer.  Though the nature of a 12 step program is about getting sober, getting down to the core of one’s feelings and tracing one’s roots as to how they got to feel about people, places, and things is magnified.  Well guess what?  That is exactly what Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is about.

There can be a possibility that communication with family members can be delayed or misunderstood according to this horoscope weekly. It is not recommended to travel to visit a family member.  Travel is never recommended on this retrograde due to travel delays and baggage loss possibilities.  However the miscommunication with family members is a possibility or someone may be holding back.

Mercury in Cancer finds a loving and kind way to look at things due to instinctively knowing unsuspected feelings. There is an ability to express sympathy towards others.

Devices in the household will malfunction.  I noticed the klutz in me is knocking things off shelves. The other day I was surprised a tightly secured item on the wall was knocked off. It is not recommended to make any major changes or install any new appliances.

Remembering old personal business ideas is also significant. Perhaps an idea you once had may now re-enter your mind. However acting on it is recommended after Mercury goes direct. Fortunately we only have another few days for this to be completed.

Surely this is not a “bad” period. There are many positive uses for this such as reviewing old ideas, feelings, thoughts, etc. As usual, many blame this for delays in communications, articles getting lost etc. However with any energy, it is important to also know the positive use. Retrograde Mercury is a wonderful time to re-read a book, review materials that you previously learned or reinvestigate matters. Often times one will have a new perspective on it. In fact, usually if one didn’t understand a subject, re-exploring it on a retrograde can help one understand it better.

This point in time is unique and purposeful.  The current period we are in is only descriptive of the energies. You can turn them around to make them better. It is a matter of knowing how to do so.